Mila Romaniuk


My name is Mila, I am a psychoanalytic. I conduct sessions and consultations in English, Ukrainian, and Russian. My alma mater is the European School of Psychology. I improve my current expertise by extra courses and seminars regularly in order to be effective and rely on most contemporary knowledge and approaches. Among others, I completed additional courses in 2022 that can be of huge relevance nowadays: “The Path to Happiness” at Harvard, an extra course on social fears, and “Psychological First Aid” at Johns Hopkins University. 

I work with adults both online and offline in two directions: 

1)   Long-term analytical therapy. This option comprises regular analytical sessions conducted once or twice per week. We start working upon customer’s request and continue with or without its adjustment in the long run. Long-term therapy may also include (per customer’s request) dream analysis and short-term methods of therapy provided they are relevant to the customer’s case, such as fairytale therapy, work with metaphorical cards, transformation of mental states, etc. 

2)   Short-term consultations. This option is perfect for the solution of more superficial issues and revelation of true motives and barriers the customer recognizes in their life and is conscious about.